US Election 2020 – We were right to be anxious

(Link to the integrative prediction map)

Obviously, Poll were, again, WAY OFF, a mix of bad sample and shy Trump voter seems to have been a huge factor in it ….

Right now, 10:40 am GMT -5 (Montreal), the path to victory for Biden is clear, but uncertain….


First path, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan (AZ is already called by Fox) …. As of now, Biden only have 8000 more vote in Nevada, with only 67% of the vote counted, Wisconsin is at +-30 000 more vote for Biden, with mostly vote in Milwaukee to be counted (95% total of the state counted) and Michigan is with +- 36 000 more vote for Biden, 96% of the vote counted, and most of the uncounted are in big city ballot ….

So at the very least, that path will be decided by a relatively small margin ….

Some other state are still in play, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia, but with the exception of Pennsylvania it would be very unlikely that they turn out for Biden ….

So all in all, very tight race, looks like the Senate is still a toss up, not a good sign for Democrat, the House will still be Democrat, with at this time, only ONE gain, so still not good ….

Both side, are waiting, no big clash and demonstration, but it may change when one winner will be name . But we may put a little buck that either way, it will go to the court, let’s just wish that cooler head will prevail, and that the US of A will still be a nation rule by law, and democracy when the dust will settle ….


Election US 2020 - morning 4 november

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