The price to pay.

I keep rewriting this text, and honestly i’m fed up with it, all i really have to say to people refusing to consider any sensible gun regulation, is that you should own the fact that those mass shooting is the Price to Pay, stop the “Thought and prayer” bullshit,and own it, in short you deem that the inconvenience of having to register a gun, or have his magazine capacity limited is worst than people being shot by “Former Law abiding gun owner”. Make it clear, and wear it on your sleeve ….

It’s the price to pay, if you are alright with that price, stay the course, but stop sending “Thought and prayer” for something you agree to pay as a price to the status quo, stop trying to find copout, video game, lack of faith, mental illness, etc, we don’t have that many less crazy people in Canada, we play video game and you’d be hard pressed to find place with more atheist than Canada in the U.S of A, no the difference is that we have thorough background check, red flag law, stringent limitation on what you can do with gun, this is the difference here.

So stop deluding yourself and accept it, it’s the price to pay.

Gun regulation is not a slippery slope to having no gun, Canada again is the proof, we have guns, we just can’t use them as a crutch to counter our inner fear of our government or our fellow citizens, if we don’t like our government, we elect someone else, and when elected they can make broad legislative change to reflect their electoral promise .

With the late announcement, of the now really partisant supreme court, about handgun, and now as of today a repeal of Roe V. Wade, we can see that this is going to break at some point, most Trumpist expect a civil war, well it’s going to be obviously a self fulfilling prophecy .

The timing probably has 2 purposes, some diversion from the Jan. 6 hearings, and launch the official hostility for the mid term.

Bannon quote from a couple of day is really saying, MAGA will ‘destroy the Democratic Party’ and ‘govern for 100 years’, like 1932, and it’s peculiarly ingenious from his part to say that about 1932, because he have plausible deniability about what he mean, it could be about the historic victory of Roosevelt against a very long tenure of Republican, or signaling that like in 1932 Germany, it will be the end of the republic, i can already see the american neo-nazi having a tear in the corner of their eyes tinking of that .

The 100 years part is really the odd thing , it’s really Naziesque, like the 1000 years reich . Someone else would have said that, and I would put it at 50/50, but in Bannon’s case I would lean it’s a 1932 Germany reference …

The future is bleak sadly.