Sweden update

So now that Anders Tegnell (State Epidemiologist of the Public Health Agency of Sweden) said :“If we would encounter the same disease , with exactly what we know about it today, I think we would land midway between what Sweden did and what the rest of the world did.”  

Can some people roll back the rhetoric against the lockdown, sure it was, and still is, not perfect, life retake his right in a lot of locked down country, still with some restriction, and social distanciation measure while possible (And with face covering when not) …

Here in Canada, we learn to live in this new world, we do our best to continue to live, work, while trying to minimise the chance on transmission, we now see the fact that we are going to have to live with this virus for some time.

We see the virus surging in place where it was pretty quiet before, ironically in warm place (Brazil, California etc etc), pretty much proving that heat is not going to be a silver bullet in this crisis …. All we can wish for now, is to try to minimise the number of death, try to slow down the transmission as much of possible to protect the most vulnerable.

Also make an ultimate push to do research on this very peculiar virus, not at all like the flu. We saw this week that Covid-19 seem to be a blood vessel disease , and if this is proven, will explain a lot of the really diverse array of symptom, and ailment that Covid-19 seem to produce in some patient, purple toe, Kawasaki syndrome, blood clot, stroke…

This virus will clearly hit pretty much all corner of the world, we just need to be careful, protect yourself, to help protect more vulnerable people, because only locking down vulnerable people is not a solution, less vulnerable people have to be careful, minimising the chance of exposition, to limit transmission in our community. Ergo, limiting the chance of transmission to people taking care of the more vulnerable people, we need to think marathon, so we have to learn and apply new way of life. It’s hard, it suck really, the economy is in shamble, but the ultimate goal is to save life, so if to do that, i have the be more physically distant of my friend, not being able to go see a live show, go to a bar (or terrasse, that one make me cry inside) , i’m willing to do it .

If we are lucky, the one catching Covid-19 will have some kind of immunity to it, for a time at least, how much time we don’t know sadly, hard to be optimistic right now, so any kind of immunity will be great, but i fear it’s only going to be short term immunity, so i prepare myself mentally for a really hard 2020, wishing that 2021 will be better … But our world, will probably be changed for a long time, remembering this crazy 2020, with humpback whale in Montreal ,crazy meteo in may, from freezing (Literally) to 30 degree C in 2 day … It’s surely a crazy world we live in right now.

Me writing in English, for no reason at all, for no audience really (I don’t promote this site, it’s kind of our private anonymous journal for me and my friend), business is slow, and thinking about those thing help me contextualise everything (And i practice my English writing).