New perspective.

Been a long time since i wrote something here (Again), well, summer is coming, Covid is coming to his end soon (Knock on wood for Variant and all), i have my first dose (Pfiezer) and next week will be able to advance my second dose rendez-vous, it was originally planned for september 5, but with the amount of vaccine available , the government is giving us the option to advance it …

We move toward the yellow zone, no more Orange or Red, restaurants are opening (Still with mitigation measures) inside and outside, not that i plan to stay inside anyway . (More detail about the restriction here )

The Canadiens hockey club is still alive in the playoffs, now going to Las Vegas for the first game of the series, everything is pretty good right now .

Jobs is still a little slow, but honestly it suit me right now, still mostly working from home, i have enough job to live, so in the end, it’s all that counts.

I will have to find other inspiration than Covid to write, probably politics, of course, but i will find other stuff too .

This place was firstly for me to vent, about all the non sense of some people in the time of Covid, i will probably still write about it, since it’s still not completely gone, and people will try to to some revisionism about that year and a half, we still have those far right group, recycled in the Q-anon, crazy dumb racist, that still try to stir the pot on sanitary measure and mixing it with all the rest about Q-Anon and the lot, so only that will probably inspire me enough.

In the meantime, have a great summer, I sure will …