Joe Rogan was scared

So unless you were under a rock for the last month, you know that Joe Rogan got Covid, big deal, he’s supposed to be a 54 years old, in relatively good shape, so not that likely to die or even be really at risk by Covid, at least this is what those “I trust my immune system” type are saying most of the time …

But he felt the need to “Throw the sink at it” like he said, this is a weird reaction, i know a guy (59 years old), who had a triple bypass (He had an heart attack), 4 month before getting Covid, had basically flu symptom, don’t get me wrong, real flu symptoms can be scary, by itself, but after 2 days, he got better, and after a month is sense of smell came back, was he scared to die, i guess when he was at the worst, it was probably a little bit scary, but he got better on his own, without fancy medecine, vitamin and the lot.

On the other hand, i also know, a 40 years old, healthy, no diagnostic of any illness (He have a family doctor and yearly check up), no diabete, no hypertension, not fat, nothing, who after 1 week of being really sick with covid, needed to go to the hospital, in ICU, for 5 days (He needed oxygen), and many month after the infection, still feel the effect of it.

The reason why some people are really more sick than others is still a mystery, it’s in part, the scariest thing about Covid, not knowing how sick you are going to be.

Some has the hypothesis that other CoronaVirus, who mainly cause a head cold, but are in some way similar the Covid-19, could give your immune system an headstart, when you got that “Cold” like CoronaVirus, an headstart to fight Covid-19, maybe, if so, it’s really fortunate in a way, and add a layer of uncertainty that could be scary for some .

So Joe, decided to use a cocktail of medication, vitamin drip, Z-pack, Ivermectin, Prednisone and Monoclonal antibodies, some of this stuff make sense, this is where he lost me, pinning his miraculous recovery solely on the ivermectin .

I’m not a doctor, but i know that bacteria and Virus are not the same, he got a Z-pack, WHY ? It’s an antibiotic (azithromycin), it kills bacteria, not virus, now we don’t know, maybe he had some other infection, but it was surely not Covid-19 related.

He got Prednisone, which makes sense, mostly for severe cases(Inflammation) , for all we know he was maybe already on some steroid “treatment”, why not just clump that with his covid-19 treatment ?

Monoclonal antibodies, well at least that one make sense for mild symptom, not readily available to normal people, it’s basically the opposite to “I trust my immune system”, you get some artificial antibody in your bloodstream, so it fight Covid-19, but it skip you immune system completely, and don’t really last, because it’s not produced by your immune system .

And now ivermectin, every study that shows any effect on covid-19 are either suspect to begin with, or need dose too high to be realistically used in a human.

I really don’t get the media attitude on that, putting Ivermectin as a dewormer, is alright, but they should put the emphasis on the fact that he got some valid stuff in there, and it’s more than likely that Monoclonal antibodies did most of the work .

It’s like if i say that i had a headache, and as a remedy i rubbed a potato under my feet, and took some ibuprofen, and claimed that the potato did the trick, ignoring the fact i took ibuprofen .

So Joe was obviously scared of Covid-19, it’s alright, nobody like to be sick, and not knowing how sick you are going to get, can be scary, but claiming that Ivermectin got i’m better is just unproven, if he was out to make a point, he should have used Ivermectin alone, and if he get better his argument could be made, for all we know, even without taking anything, his immune system could have been enough, to fight it, but now we can’t really know, he was too scared obviouly .