2021-03-14 Bizaro world .

It’s been a long time since i wrote something here. Work work work, not more of it, just more time consuming work really ….

But a Lot of stuff happened obviously, Trump reign is in suspension, for at least 4 years (More i hope), Covid is still there, vaccination is on the way, but it can’t happen soon enough really ….

Time is still uncertain on this front, sure infection rates were falling, now it plateaued at the previous high of the previous wave, some predicted an exponential reduction, it was probably premature to say that, vaccine and natural immunity is probably not high enough to reduce new infection in any meaningful way.

Now new variant, with chance of reinfection for people who had the “Original” strain are beginning to show up, it’s still too early to really know what is going to happen with that, those variant seem to tend to be more infectious, but not more lethal, but all in all, more simultaneous infection needing treatment, may mean more death, so we need to still tread carefully on that front ….

I know morale is low, for me too, most Canadian are resigned to having some social distancing and sanitary measures for some more time, personally i just want my older relative to be vaccinated as soon as possible, after that we could have some sort of decent summer at least….

Governments are bleeding money, but what is the alternative really, let the economy crumble? In the end with and without fiscal help to protect individuals and business, the government is going to lose money, the logic now seems to be that preventing fiscal ruin for individuals and business, is going to help when Covid measures are going to be lifted.

Can’t really argue with that logic, bankruptcy doesn’t help anyone really, still seeing this kind of money going out is kinda worrying for a lot of people (Can’t say i love it really) . But hey, i guess we all need to chillax now, it’s a lesser of 2 evil at this point ….

Working in politic related field, was weird for the last year, ideological polarization is at his highness for sure, i mean we always had crackpot to deal with, but now it’s getting crazy, even here in Canada, and Quebec, i guess the stress got to a lot of people, and it’s not good. 

Now, i’m stuck in isolation for the next 14 days, one person in my bubble got Covid, we had daily contact (When we eat mainly), so we will see, per the instruction they gave us, we have to wait 7 days after the first potential exposure to have a test, feel alright for the moment, but every rattle in my throat are making me nervous, i guess it’s normal, i don’t fear to die, but don’t want to be sick either, from what i saw since the beginning, even when you don’t die, it can be really hard, if i lose taste and smell, i would fucking go crazy 😉 , we will see next friday for a test, knock on wood …. 

I’m reading history stuff lately, and I will probably write about it. It seems that thinking of the past is soothing lately.