2020-07-24 Covid-19 Siterep

Canada :

So it’s hot outside, but the situation is still grim, in Canada, it’s going well, but first serologic study suggest that only 1% of the 10 000 test show Covid-19 antibody, this study do not include blood sample from Quebec, Quebec have a separate blood collection programs, Hema-Quebec, they should publish their own finding soon .

Still, even if we had, 3-4-5% with demonstrable antibody, it would still be a far cry to any sort of natural immunity, and should make us push to accelerate the study for any mitigation drug, or even better a vaccine …..

In Canada, we had a really slow progress of the infection since May, but as commerce reopen, case are going up again, it was expected, now we need to try to control it, infected tend to be younger, so a lot more asymptomatic (or with very little symptom)….

In Quebec, mask are now mandatory in all public, indoor place, with some steep fine for the commerce not enforcing it (400 to 6000$), but most of the population are in favor, and the transition was made without huge uproar ….


The US

The Situation is still out of control, total numbers of case in the US just topped of 4 millions, California begin to regain control, Florida is in denial, Texas is in the middle, the infected tend to be younger, so the death rate is lower, still, some estimation tell us that ~40% of the hospitalization are of people under 50 years old(In April it was 26%), reliable, standardize information is hard to come by, it’s such a mess ….

Method of counting vary from state to state, some even try to very crudely alter the stats (Looking at you Florida), Due to the time that the virus can take before killing his host, the number of daily death is only beginning to raise, now passing the thousand a day on average ….

On a bright note, President Trump showed up with a mask, months to late, but still, now he is advocating for people to wear mask when it’s not possible to use social distancing, again, on mitigation measure, Federal and States, it’s pretty much the far west, no simple, clear message, for people to understand …

The 14 days change, is 27% for cases, and 41% for deaths, only 2 states are trending down, 39 are trending up, and 10 are pretty much stable (As of July 22, New York Times Corona


The World

Israël situation was pretty good at the end of April, but like in so many place, were the virus saw really low infection rate early, they are now surging, and it’s worrying, for a so small country to have new dailly infecting in the 2000, still very few information about who is infected, and the state of their health care system, but it’s not boding well to have such a steep rise in case, it probably mean the the number of death will also raise pretty sharply in a couple of weeks ….

Many place who had successfully flattened the curve, are now reopening, and the uptick of case that come with such reopening are now showing off, many place like Belgium are now making advise their citizens to wear mask in public when social distancing is not possible.


That’s all folks, stay safe, wash your hand, and wear a mask when social distancing is not possible (Or generally inside in public place) .